Sell With Us - FAQ

My business is not a registered company in the UK. Am I still allowed to join?

Currently, we are only accepting sellers with a UK business address. However, in the future we would like to expand our offering to countries outside of the UK. If you would therefore like us to let you know when we are in a position to accept international businesses to join us then please register your interest with us.

Does my business need to be VAT registered?

No, your business does not need to be VAT registered in order to sell products through our market place.

What does it cost to join and what are the ongoing fees?

For a limited time only it is FREE to join. We charge a commission rate of 20% on each gross sale.

I don’t have a big portfolio of designs yet, does this matter?

No, you can sell as many products as you like whether it’s one product or over a hundred! You can add more products at a later date if you so wish. Just log on to your personal account and add more products as & when you are ready.

How many products can I sell?

That is up to you! You can upload just one product, several products, or a full collection. Once you have joined us you can keep adding products/collections as often as you like. Just log in and upload your products in your own time. As soon as we have checked over the images and item descriptions we will upload them straight onto the website and start promoting them.

I am not very good with descriptive writing; can you help me with my product descriptions?

If you require additional help with your descriptions, we are happy to add extra wording onto your existing descriptions. We can build up your content to help promote your designs successfully if you so wish. 

How do I access invoices for my records?

Invoices are automatically raised though our system upon order completion. All invoices are available on your dashboard (within our system) for you to access and print off.

Can I sell bespoke wedding stationery products?

We tend to offer ‘Personalised’ stationery, so the client picks from existing designs on our website then has them personalised to their wedding. A completely bespoke service cannot be payable upfront if hourly charges are counted because we charge upfront fixed prices on our website, this is to protect both the customer and the seller. However, additional ‘design fee’ charges are applicable for design alterations such as bespoke imagery and so-on. These charges are to be explained within the product description and included within the price options. Additional design fees are to be discussed with About to be Hitched upon submitting designs that require such additional charges.

When will I be paid?

Upon every completed sale (once the customer’s order has been dispatched) an automated invoice will be raised. We will process your payment directly to you (minus our 20% commission fee).

Are there any fixed time periods or notice periods involved?

No. There are no fixed time periods or notice periods. Once you have joined us, you can leave at any point in time if you so wish. However, if you have any incomplete orders, they must be completed first.

Are there specific turnaround periods I have to stick to?

Turnaround periods are variable, all we ask is that if you know that certain items will take several weeks (or more) to be created (handmade products for example), you should include a small statement within your products description explaining this, so the customers are fully aware when they place their order.

What happens once I have applied to sell with you?

Upon a successful application, we will add you to our system and send you your log in details via email. You will then be able to log in and upload your products to our system. You will be able to upload your images, product descriptions, prices and so-on. Once you have submitted your items, they will be checked over and then uploaded onto the website. We will then advertise your products. Every time you wish to add new products to our website, just log in with the same details and upload them as before, it’s as simple as that! 

How will my wedding stationery products be advertised?

We carry out various methods of advertising. We advertise with bridal magazines, through social media networking, online advertising, we feature as guest bloggers on other websites, and we showcase at wedding fairs. We also have a list of subscribed engaged couples who we email every time new products are released onto our website. We are constantly advertising About to be Hitched, so your products will have a constant presence within the industry.

What happens if I have any questions or need help?

We are always happy to help or advise you. We pride ourselves in being friendly, responsive and professional; we are here to support you as much as our customers.

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