Why Sell With Us?

What You Get

  1. We only work with wedding stationery designers who we believe will produce good quality, well designed products. This means that you will be part of something really special, and you won't be lost in the crowd.
  2. You will not need to design, build, host or maintain your own eCommerce website as our market place provides you with the eCommerce platform you need to sell your wedding stationery on the web to millions of potential customers. 

How Our Wedding Stationery Market Place Works

  1. We list your wedding stationery products on our website.
  2. We market your wedding stationery to customers.
  3. Customers place orders for your wedding stationery products on our site and then they pay through our on-line checkout.
  4. We inform you that a wedding stationery order has been placed so that you can then fulfil their order for them.
  5. You send the order directly to your customer.
  6. We then pay you.

 What We Are Looking For

  1. Creative, inspiring and innovative designs.
  2. Wedding stationery that you have either sourced or designed yourself.
  3. Wedding stationery products of the highest standard of quality.
  4. Amazing images of your products that match our guidelines. 

What Does It Cost?

For a limited time only we are offering you the opportunity to join our market place for FREE. There are currently no joining fees. 
We charge a small 20% commission for all products you sell through our market place.

How Do I Join?

It's really simple to join. All you need to do is fill in our on-line application form and then we will contact you with further details.

You will find more information about selling with us within our FAQ section.

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